Dear colleagues, dear members, dear friends, 

We are pleased to announce our first ISIN virtual educational course that will take place from May 25th to June 19th, 2021. 

The Educational Committee of ISIN has designed a challenging program in a totally different format to the usual chain of webinars. The course includes a wide overview including anatomy, physiology and intraoperative neurophysiological protocols for all spectrum of surgeries related to Spine and Spinal Cord. In addition to that, practical presentations and short videos have been included in the program with the intention to show how the experts perform different techniques and montages in daily practice. 

In summary, the course contains: 1- Four hours of prerecorded sessions (one hour every Tuesday) that will be available on-demand until one month after the end of the meeting. 2- Twelve hours of LIVE sessions (three hours every Saturday) including teaching courses, recipes, “how I do it” videos, coffee with the experts and grandrounds. 

Please be aware that this course will replace the ISIN educational course that was planned to be held in Kyoto in November 2020 and was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. Therefore, this course is included in our 3 years cycle of educational courses.
With this new adventure on the virtual world, we want to achieve the academic excellence of the previous in-site educational courses but overall, we do hope to fulfill all the participants expectations in terms or earning knowledge and passion to the field of intraoperative neurophysiology. 

Best wishes